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JKLR's last known photograph

JKLR (Pronounced Flex-i-toneis a world infamous terrorist. JKLR was born in Pompeii the day it's volcano burst. JKLR's screams as she was born made the volcano burst. JKLR has gone by many names since birth. Adolf Hitler, Jack the Ripper, and Betty White are just a few.


JKLR was born on August 24, 79 AD in Pompeii. Her screams as she was birthed caused Mount Vesuvius to erupt. JKLR made it out by driving her self-driving car into the ocean where she began hibernating. JKLR awoken sometime before 1888 in London. She began killing women and was known as "Jack the Ripper". She continued on into the 1940s and started World War II as Adolf Hitler. JKLR pretended to commit suicide only to resurface just years later under the name "Betty White" and began an acting career. JKLR's ability to not age allowed her to be age 96 as this "Betty White".

Personal LifeEdit

JKLR is the daughter of Satan himself and a female dinosaur. She has a husband named Barack Obama and 69 children, all named Jeff, even they are all girls. Flexitone currently lives in every city at the same time and controls the world's most popular businesses (Apple, Disney, and McDonalds).